Welcome to Quality @ Peak Completions! This Quality portal is provided for the use of our customers and suppliers to stay current with the Peak Quality Management System. To find out more about what we do you can go to our main  website.

Here, you'll find information regarding the Peak Quality Management System (PQMS), our Supplier Quality Requirements, and other information and forms regarding our quality management system. If you need assistance, or have comments or questions for our Quality organization, please feel free to contact us at any time.

Peak Completion Technologies, Inc.

Peak Completion Technologies, Inc. was established in December of 2003 and specializes in multi-lateral completion technologies.  Peak offers a full range of innovative completion designs as well as products for standard completion techniques.  Our success is accomplished by: excellence in our products and services; the integrity of our efforts; the desire to exceed our customers’ expectations; innovation; and the continual improvement of our processes, services and products.

Excellence in products and services: Peak Completion combines the latest technology with standard tools, custom design and good, old-fashioned customer service from a team of experts.  The quality of our products and services is not only controlled by our quality management system, but also by our desire for excellence in everything we do.

Integrity of our efforts: By listening to our customers we gain full understanding of their needs and present an individualized plan that will produce optimal results.  We then continue to keep our customers informed of progress and offer suggestions throughout the process to benefit the well.  By being involved with the well from the planning stage, we save the customer money and maximize their production.  Such planning minimizes surprises and gives the project its best chance to run effectively.

Desire to exceed expectations: Peak offers personal, innovative service to supply our customers with anything they may need from our comprehensive list of products and services.  With multiple sources of in-house engineering support, 3D animation design, and tried-and-true field personnel, our staff members provide valuable input when new ideas and solutions are needed.

Innovation: In addition to our listed products and service, our in-house engineering support provides custom designed tools to address our customers’ specific needs and requirements.  Peak backs up the latest technology and innovative ideas with optional traditional systems.  Peak is confident we can find a solution for each customer: if we don’t already have a solution, we’ll design one.

Continual Improvement: Although continual improvement is engrained in our company culture, it is also part of our quality management system to formalize and streamline the process.  From planning a solution, to its implementation, to data gathering and analysis, to improving those solutions, continual improvement is in Peak’s DNA.